Project Managers are responsible for effectively allocating and oversighting the management of work through the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. 

Data plays a significant role in any organization and the high availability of analytical technology can enable project managers to use various analytical reports and drill-down charts to break down complex project data and predict their behavior and outcomes in real-time. Project managers can use this predictive information to make better informed decisions and keep projects on schedule and budget.

Precisely, Project-based data with analytics can enable project managers and executives to measure, observe, and analyze project performance objectively and make decisions and commitments based on facts.

 Target Audience

This event is designed and recommended for all Public, Private Sector and NGO staff and all who desire to grow & enhance their project management skills.

The course is highly recommended for but not limited to staff working in the following: Project Managers; Chief Finance Officers; Chief Accountants; Finance Directors; Public Sector Accountants & Finance Managers; Senior Public Sector Policy leaders; Senior Government Accountants; Finance Directors; Public Finance Committee Members; Board Members; Office of the Auditor Generals and their staff; Directors of Budget and Budget Officers; Revenue Managers.

The course is essentially recommended to Any Interested professionals. 


• DataClave observes ALL MOH regulations on trainings and conferences.

• We do not cancel our events after confirmations.

• All prices are net of tax PER WEEK

• Our venues and dates are flexible.

• All events run for two weeks; with the option for attendance in either WEEK or both.


• The courses can be modelled for inhouse set-ups.

  • The event will be held at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa, Mombasa
  • It is scheduled to start on 23rd May 2022 To 28th May 2022
  • Cost per head is KSH 79500