It is often believed that anyone can purchase well and negotiate effectively. Neither of these beliefs are true. The purchasing decision faces the double challenge of getting the best value deals from vendors, while at the same time managing internal stakeholder relationships. The ability to negotiate is a basic commercial business requirement that guides the making of effective purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, negotiation is often delegated to those least able to deliver an effective outcome. Therefore, the impact of poor negotiation is felt throughout an organization and has an immediate negative effect on company profitability.

This seminar could prevent your organization from losing significant sums of money s it endeavors to establish a solid understanding of the benefits good purchasing offers and how to create a function capable of delivering those benefits through organizational excellence.

Target Audience

This event is designed and recommended for all Public, Private Sector and NGO staff and all who are new to the purchasing process as well as those experienced in the process. Status/Job title/ Role in the company is irrelevant.

The course is highly recommended for but not limited to purchasing professionals, those at all levels in projects/site contract management/ engineering with supply chain involvement, those in a company who influence the selection of materials, services, a dn source of supply.

The course is highly recommended to all interested professionals.


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  • The event will be held at Acacia Premier Hotel, Kisumu.
  • It is scheduled to start on 23rd May 2022 To 28th May 2022
  • Cost per head is KSH 79500