The ability to anticipate demand can empower organizations to make important resource allocation, and pricing decisions. Revenue administration today handles an unprecedented amount of information flow.

Organizations often struggle to develop and implement a cohesive technology strategy with long-term measurable objectives, that can transform the ever-growing data into actionable insights. In practice, they often turn to ad-hoc ‘bandage’ solutions with shorter-term siloed effects instead of farsighted data-driven strategies which deliver operational excellence sustainability by uncovering the power of data. This training will provide as strong case for the integration of data analytics and automation in aiding the revenue administration process. It will address the key revenue administration practices, the analytical approach, and the automation process.

Target Audience

This event is designed and recommended for all Public, Private Sector and NGO staff and all who desire to grow & enhance their revenue administration knowledge.

The course is highly recommended for but not limited to staff working in the following: Accountants, Tax adviser, General tax practitioners, Tax specialists, Government officials, Government agencies, In-house tax directors and managers, and Tax regulation bodies.

The course is essentially recommended to Any Interested professionals. 


• DataClave observes ALL MOH regulations on trainings and conferences.

• We do not cancel our events after confirmations.

• All prices are net of tax PER WEEK

• Our venues and dates are flexible.

• All events run for two weeks; with the option for attendance in either WEEK or both.


• The courses can be modelled for inhouse set-ups.

  • The event will be held at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa, Mombasa
  • It is scheduled to start on 18th July 2022 To 30th July 2022
  • Cost per head is KSH 159000